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The most unusual electric bikes – 3

6. Electric bike for ambulance staff and other special services – Cross X The versatile electric bike Cross X was designed by designer Mithun Darjee for ambulance staff to help avoid city traffic. The bike is equipped with a special built-in compartment, which is mounted on the frame. In the medical compartment you can store […]

The most unusual electric bikes – 2

3. Fashionable and high-tech electro-retro bike – Ariel Rider Ariel Rider – electric bike, made in the classic retro style – a new product from developers from San Francisco. Ariel Rider is equipped with a high-quality aluminum frame, so that the bike remains strong and light at the same time. Ariel Rider has a powerful […]

The most unusual electric bikes – 1

The most unusual electric bikes Bicycle – from classic to electric – still remains one of the most popular and environmentally friendly modes of transport. Nowadays, developers do not stand still and create more and more unusual and futuristic models of electric bicycles, with which we invite you to get acquainted. If our review is […]

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