Pegaso Z-102 Cupula 1952 – UFO from Spain

Today it is hard to imagine that at the beginning of the 50s serious sports coupes were made not only in Italy or England, but also in Spain! Spanish sports cars were the brainchild of the former Alfa Romeo engineer Wilfredo Ricardt and were produced at the facilities of ENASA, which was created on the remains of Hispano-Suiza plant. On the other hand, it should be noted that none of the designs of Ricardt showed any particular success, and ENASA specialized in the production of trucks and vans under the Pegaso brand. However, in 1951, the star of the Spanish automotive industry – Pegaso Z-102 rose at the Paris motor show.

Waiting for peace in Spain after the civil war and the horrors of the Second World War, Ricart, who had spent the troubled times in Italy in the sports department of Alfa Romeo (by the way managed to work under the direction of Enzo Ferrari himself), returned to his homeland and joined the Empresa Nacional de Autocamiones supported by the Government of General Franco SA – ENASA. The company developed and at the end of the 40s Ricart proposed to launch a Spanish sports coupe. The national government, striving to show its importance in post-war Europe, warmly supported the idea and Ricart received a green light.


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Voisin C28 Aerosport 1935 – The Last Masterpiece by Gabriel Voisin

Gabriel Voisin’s aircraft manufacturer Avions Voisin was widely known during World War I, producing some of the best military aircraft of its time. However, after the end of the war, the pioneer of aviation, Voisin, not wanting to build “winged killing machines”, switched to the production of cars. Being an aircraft designer and artist, Voisin, widely using aluminum alloys, built light and elegant cars. Gradually, under the influence of friend and partner of Voisin Andre Telmont, the design of Voisin cars began to depart from aviation canons and became more pompous, and the cars themselves were large and luxurious. However, during the Great Depression, which swept the whole world when the partners fled, and Voisin fell into decay, Gabriel Voisin abandoned the flashy bodies and created his last masterpiece C28 Aerosport.

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Talbot-lago T26 GSL 1953-1955 – Just a beautiful car

In the mid 30s of the 20th century, the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darraq group of companies fell into disrepair and went bankrupt. In order to reduce costs, the management decided to close automobile production in France, but one of the leading engineers of the department, Anthony Lago, managed to acquire an enterprise in the city of Surin, where he began to produce magnificent top-class sports cars under the Talbot-Lago brand. Luxury Talbot-Lago with the bodies of the famous atelier Figoni & Falaschi and Saoutchik are recognized as classics of automotive design, but there were also simply beautiful models, such as the Talbot-lago T26 GSL.

Talbot-lago sales were never high, but by 1952 they were reduced to almost zero. Lago did not give up and all the forces and threw the available funds on the development of a new model Talbot-lago T26 GSL. The pretty good chassis of the current T26 GS was redesigned and lightened. The excellent 4.5-liter six-cylinder engine received three Solex carburetors, which provided a power increase of 20 hp to an impressive 210 hp Talbot-lago T26 GSL was one of the fastest cars among contemporaries, also very beautiful. The body was a freelance designer, Carlo Delais, who was called, almost by French, Giovanni Michelotti.


The Talbot-lago T26 GSL debuted in Paris in 1953 was an elegant car in French, but as it often does not have commercial success. By the beginning of 1955, according to various data, it was possible to release from 19 to 21 copies. No more than 10 have survived, which makes the T26 GSL a very rare and valuable car.

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The most unusual electric bikes – 3

6. Electric bike for ambulance staff and other special services – Cross X
The versatile electric bike Cross X was designed by designer Mithun Darjee for ambulance staff to help avoid city traffic. The bike is equipped with a special built-in compartment, which is mounted on the frame. In the medical compartment you can store a set of medical equipment, which, if necessary, can use the energy of the battery to ensure communication and operation of other devices.

Also, Cross X has a powerful suspension for easy movement in difficult terrain, so you can quickly get to the scene. The electric bicycle’s battery has connectors for connecting various equipment – which is important, especially for first aid workers.

7. Unusual retro-bike electric bike – Oto Cycles
Oto Cycles is the creation of a brilliant team of designers from Spain (Barcelona), who took the 50s motorcycle style as a basis and made a unique and interesting bike, similar to a motorcycle.

Although this bike looks like antiques (leather seats, handles, bright frame without sharp bends), but its production uses the latest modern technologies. Oto Cycles is made of aluminum alloy, equipped with LCD-screen, powerful engine, seat Brooks. The weight of a retro electric bike is 23 kg, it is capable of speeds up to 65 km / h. Read more »

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