The most unusual electric bikes – 2

3. Fashionable and high-tech electro-retro bike – Ariel Rider
Ariel Rider – electric bike, made in the classic retro style – a new product from developers from San Francisco. Ariel Rider is equipped with a high-quality aluminum frame, so that the bike remains strong and light at the same time.

Ariel Rider has a powerful engine (200 – 500 W), seven-speed SHIMANO gearbox, disc brakes on 26-inch wheels and built-in batteries.

An on-board computer is installed on the electric bike, which transmits information about the battery charge, mileage, speed, gear, air temperature. There is also a light sensor, which, if necessary, turns on the light. On a 500 W engine, it can accelerate to 32 km / h.

4. Stylish and functional electric bike – SPA Bicicletto
Italian electric bike Bicicletto – combines luxury and high technology.

The bike is equipped with a carbon frame and fork, a 500-watt electric motor, two batteries, Formula T1 brakes, 26-inch wheels, a boot, a removable LED headlight, and the rest of lighting engineering. Bicicletto weight – 24 kg. Without recharging, with continuous operation, it can work for 5 hours, the power reserve in electric mode is 50 km, mixed – 120 km. The maximum speed of the bike is 45 km / h, it takes 5 hours to reload.

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The most unusual electric bikes – 1

The most unusual electric bikes

Bicycle – from classic to electric – still remains one of the most popular and environmentally friendly modes of transport. Nowadays, developers do not stand still and create more and more unusual and futuristic models of electric bicycles, with which we invite you to get acquainted.

The most unusual electric bikes

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1. Eco-friendly carbon fiber electric bike – LEAOS
LEAOS is called the electric bike of the future: the thin solar panels built into the frame on the sides convert sunlight into the electrical energy needed for movement, and constantly recharge the batteries. LEAOS solar panels are universal and not too dependent on bright sunlight: even on a cloudy or foggy day, there will be enough light to power the solar panels.

The most unusual electric bikes

On such an electric bike, you can drive 16-20 km in total darkness from one battery charge, and on a sunny day – up to 72 km. If you still need to recharge the battery (36V) from a normal network, it will take about 2 hours, while at the same time it takes 1 day to fully recharge the battery from the sun.

The most unusual electric bikes

The frame and handlebars of the electric bike are made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber, and the entire bike weighs only 22 kg.

2. Electric bike with touch screen and 3G Internet – QOROS eBIQE
The modern and technological e-bike eBIQE was developed by the Chinese car company Qoros together with the Croatian Greyp Bikes.

Electric bike with touch screen and 3G Internet – QOROS eBIQE

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How to fry cutlets for burgers on the grill…


To make a burger, a grill pan, a regular cast-iron pan or grill will do.

Meat cooked on live fire has a pleasant aroma of smoke.
Grilled burger cutlets are cooked pretty quickly. It is necessary how to heat the grill and form two heating zones.

How to fry cutlets for burgers on the grill

The cutlet is laid out on high heat, cooked for a certain time, turned over with a spatula and fried on the second side. No more touching the meatball is needed. It is advisable to turn it only once. No need to press down or puncture the product. If you wish, you can shift the meat steaks to the zone of indirect heat, put the cheese slices on top and wait until they melt. You can cover the burger with a cheese lid to speed up the process.

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Jamie Oliver’s Curry Chicken


Chicken is a fairly frequent dish on our table, there are many recipes for cooking. I suggest cooking chicken curry from Jamie Oliver. Cooking chicken as simply and quickly.


Chicken 1 Kilogram
any part
Pepper sweet 1 Piece

Jamie Oliver’s Curry Chicken

preferably yellow
Bow 1 Piece
Garlic 4 teeth Read more »

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