Beautiful cities in the world – Barcelona

The most beautiful city in Spain with unsurpassed architecture.

Beautiful cities in the world – Barcelona

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New Moscow policemen transport. Interesting cars (5FOTO)


For the 2018 World Cup, Moscow police received 30 IZH Pulsar electric motorcycles and four Ovum electric vehicles.

The equipment was produced by the Kalashnikov concern and transferred to law enforcement officers for testing in a pilot mode.

New Moscow policemen transport


We introduced you to motorcycles earlier, but electric cars were shown just now. It is known that they received a model design and the number of seats in them can be changed.

The car is characterized by smoothness and low fire and explosion hazard in case of an accident. Electric cars “Ovum” will help the police to patrol the streets of Moscow, as well as forest-park zones.


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Interesting facts about the concern Hyundai. Best Car.(5FOTO)


Even in the current century, the name Hyundai said nothing to participants in the automotive market. However, having taken the first steps on it, the brand has unfolded the pace of its growth and development at full capacity. Today, world industry leaders see him as a serious competitor.

Best Car.(5FOTO)

The Korean manufacturer achieves this result by regularly attracting attention to its new developments and proposals. One of such is the autonomous hybrid model Hyundai Genesis.

Best Car.(5FOTO)

Not much is known to the general public about the company’s development history. But it contains many interesting facts and interesting events.

Renowned around the world and in our country, the automobile manufacturer, for its compatriots South Korea, is primarily the largest contractor to carry out projects in the shipbuilding industry and light industry. The concern also has developments in the field of atomic energy. These are all areas in which the company has been involved since its foundation in 1967.

There are cases when Hyundai gave cars the most persistent in achieving their goals. One of the residents of South Korea really wanted to get a driver’s license. But I could not pass the exam. 10 times she came to retake practical skills and 950 (!) Stormed the theoretical part of the test. It took this 69-year-old Cha Sa Song of 5 years old. The noblest concern could not pass by such desire and perseverance. The woman received her first car absolutely free. Read more »

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