Voisin C28 Aerosport 1935 – The Last Masterpiece by Gabriel Voisin

Gabriel Voisin’s aircraft manufacturer Avions Voisin was widely known during World War I, producing some of the best military aircraft of its time. However, after the end of the war, the pioneer of aviation, Voisin, not wanting to build “winged killing machines”, switched to the production of cars. Being an aircraft designer and artist, Voisin, widely using aluminum alloys, built light and elegant cars. Gradually, under the influence of friend and partner of Voisin Andre Telmont, the design of Voisin cars began to depart from aviation canons and became more pompous, and the cars themselves were large and luxurious. However, during the Great Depression, which swept the whole world when the partners fled, and Voisin fell into decay, Gabriel Voisin abandoned the flashy bodies and created his last masterpiece C28 Aerosport.

At the Paris Motor Show in 1935, Voisin presented the aerodynamic two-door coupe C28 Aerosport. One of the first Voisin used pontoon-type wings, marking the vector of development of automotive design. However, in other versions of the C28 used more familiar in those days, wings, separated from the body. Sliding roof was equipped with hydraulic actuator, and the interior is decorated with expensive and high-quality materials. Under the hood was a six-liter, valve-less, Knight engine of 3.3 liters. With a fairly large body, Aerosport was able to keep the mass within 1150 kg. 100 hp power. enough to confidently achieve a cruising speed of 150 km / h. A semi-automatic gearbox was used as a gearbox. Production started in 1936.

Although Voisin cars were always expensive, the C28 Aerosport surprised contemporaries with a price of 92,000 francs, despite the fact that the Bugatti Type 57 cost around 70,000 francs. It is not surprising that only friends and admirers of Voisin forked over the novelty, and soon Voisin lost control of his own company. One of the first decisions of the new leadership was to reduce production costs and reject Knight’s engines, but Voisin was no longer able to save …

It was built from 8 to 10 copies of the C28 Aerosport. To this day has survived 2. Silver Aerosport presented in the photographs is a prototype, presented in 1935 in Paris. The car was seriously damaged during the Second World War, which is not surprising, and found a four-door body. Much later, the uniqueness of the car was established by chassis number. In 2006, restoration was started using factory drawings and original spare parts. The whole process took 8 years and today the C28 Aerosport is in excellent condition, even the leather in the cabin is made using the technology of the 30s.

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